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Ellie is a curious elephant. One that really likes to learn and keep exploring the ever changing technology around IT Infrastructure and DevOps. Curious Ellie is the brainchild of Miguel David, who is the lead consultant of the company, with expertise on bespoke solutions for startups and small companies.



I've been involved in the infrastructure of the following projects over time:

ViGIE Solutions "lift and shift"

Context: ViGIE Solutions is a company dedicated to the development of integrated continuous monitoring solutions, as well as facilities maintenance management. When they first engaged with me, they had a “legacy” set of applications based on LAPP (Linux Apache Postgresql PHP) running on two bare metal servers on Linode. The project was to lift the applications and shift them to AWS whilst making the setup redundant in terms of compute, storage and databases and using the principles of configuration management and infrastructure as code. Highlights:

Foursource "from scratch"

Context: Foursource is a B2B company that aims to resolve the missing transparency in the highly-fragmented, global sourcing markets and make apparel sourcing less costly and risky. The engagement was completely “green field” in the sense that I was asked to create the base infrastruture in record time in the month before developers started the work and then to continue evolving it. Highlights:

Chic by Choice "improving the infrastructure"

Context: Chic by Choice was a fashion rental company. Their CTO contacted me to improve the resilience, security and automation of their infrastructure which had already been created by the CTO himself. Highlights:

LTP Labs "deploying web apps and automated ELT systems"

Context: LTP Labs aims to help their clients achieve sustainable and significant improvements in their performance through combining advanced analytics and business expertise. They were getting to the limits of an on premise Microsoft SQL database cluster and needed a solution that would scale, so after research I presented and setup an AWS Redshift cluster for them. Since then we’ve worked to create complex data pipelines using automation and cloud infrastructure. Highlights:

WikiTribune "from PoC to Pilot in 2 languages"

Context: WikiTribune is an inventive news platform which evolves journalism by bringing together a Wiki-style community and paid professional journalists. They contacted me via one of their WordPress consultancy providers to move from an infrastructure with little to no resiliency in AWS Lightsail into what is now an infrastructure composed of two AWS regions and languages with an entire Continous Delivery pipeline. Highlights:


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